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PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2008 6:47 am 
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i wanted to get this posted for everyone since so far the exact changes are only visible to enchanters who have copied to the PTR so that people considering the very high-end enchants can decide whether or not they want to wait until after the patch to get them done -- the cost of many enchants will drop at least a couple hundred gold and some are dropping by 5-700g O.o. i'm posting this in both the guild section and the public one since our apps can't read the guild-only section and i know some nightblades don't bother to check the public forum.

i went through all of my LK enchants on the PTR and took note of the ones with new mats - here's a handy listing (live mats are the ones in parenthesis). the two with a * in front of them are ones that currently require one or more abyss crystals and will not require any at all after the next patch. i've also included the mats for the two new stam enchants purchasable at 450 enchanting (5 abyss crystals each at the shard trader).

powerful stats (+10): 4 dream/4 abyss (15 dust/4 abyss)
super health (275): 20 dust/4 GCE (20 dust/10 GCE)
greater mana restoration (8 mp5): 4 dust/4 GCE (20 dust/8 GCE)

greater assault (32 AP): 12 dust/1 GCE/2 dream/4 abyss (35 dust/5 GCE/4 abyss)
tuskarr's (15 stam/minor speed): 12 dust/2 GCE/4 dream/1 abyss (40 dust/10 GCE/1 abyss)
greater spirit (18): 12 dust/3 GCE (12 dust/5 GCE)
greater vitality (6 mana/health per 5): 8 dust/2 GCE (14 dust/4 GCE)
superior agility (16): 16 dust/4 GCE (16 dust/6 GCE)

(new) major stam (40): 4 GCE/4 dream/4 abyss
*superior spellpower (30): 6 dust/6 GCE/1 dream (24 dust/16 GCE/2 abyss)
greater assault (50 AP): 24 dust/6 GCE (25 dust/15 GCE)
expertise (15): 14 dust/3 GCE (24 dust/4 GCE)
major spirit (18): 16 dust/4 GCE (15 dust/12 GCE)

armsman: 2 dream/8 eternal earth (2 dream/2 eternal air/2 eternal earth)
crusher: 20 dust/4 GCE/1 dream (22 dust/9 GCE/1 dream)
expertise (15): 12 dust/3 GCE (20 dust/2 GCE)
*major agility (20): 4 GCE/4 dream (8 GCE/1 abyss)
precision (20 hit): 15 dust/4 GCE (15 dust/5 GCE)

shadow armor (10 agi/stealth): 12 dust/1 GCE/1 dream/1 abyss (20 dust/12 GCE/1 abyss)
titanweave (16 def): 8 dust/2 titanium bars/2 dream (20 dust/10 GCE/2 titanium)
wisdom (10 spirit/threat reduction): 15 dust/3 GCE/2 dream/6 abyss (30 dust/10 GCE/6 abyss)
greater speed (23 haste): 16 dust/4 GCE (24 dust/12 GCE)
mighty armor (225): 15 dust/2 GCE (20 dust/10 GCE)
major agility (22): 8 dust/2 GCE/2 dream (18 dust/6 GCE/2 dream)

(new) titanguard (75 stam): 12 dream shards
accuracy (25 crit/hit): 20 dust/4 GCE/4 dream/6 abyss (40 dust/8 GCE/6 abyss)
berserking: 12 dust/2 GCE/10 dream/10 abyss (20 dust/15 GCE/10 abyss)
black magic: 16 dust/4 GCE/6 dream/8 abyss (25 dust/15 GCE/10 abyss)
mighty spellpower (63): 16 dust/4 GCE/4 dream/6 abyss (40 dust/20 GCE/6 abyss)
superior potency (65 AP): 10 dust/2 GCE/2 dream/4 abyss (30 dust/10 GCE/4 abyss)(um... blizz screwed up here, it shows the mats as needing 4 abyss shards (lvl 50 warlock quest reward trinket) but i assume they meant crystals : P)
giant slayer: 2 GCE/6 dream (8 GCE/2 dream)
exceptional agi (26): 12 dust/3 GCE/4 dream/1 eternal air (12 dust/6 GCE/2 dream/1 eternal air)
exceptional spirit (45): 16 dust/4 dream (30 dust/2 dream)

2h weapon
scourgebane (140 AP vs undead): 6 dust/6 dream (20 dust/6 dream)

defense (20): 6 dust/6 eternal earth (10 dust/10 GCE)

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