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Please read before posting.
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Author:  Melriken [ Fri Jul 07, 2006 1:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Please read before posting.

First of all, thank you for your interest in joining The Rising Shadow. TRS is a high end World of Warcraft Alliance raiding guild on the Silver Hand (RP-PVE) server.

Our primary focus is usually the newest content, currently we are preparing for Naxx-25 content.

Some facts you should be aware of if you are considering joining TRS.
    1: We are on a Role Play server, however we do not require our members to Role Play, and guild chat is OOC. We are a guild of friends, its what keeps us together and keeps us playing.
    2: As a guild of friends we are Need before Greed. If you're the kind of person to likes grabbing up all the trash loot, rolling on everything, and are more interested in your own progression then that of the guild you probably won't have fun in TRS, and we are not the guild for you.
    3: If you are accepted as an applicant to TRS you will be invited to the guild under the applicant rank, you will be invited to our raids and you will be evaluated. You will have no right to loot, if something would otherwise be disenchanted you can have it, but everything else will go to whoever in the guild can use it. While you are an applicant (usually a few weeks) you carry the guild tag and are expected to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with our expectations of members, but you are not a member of the guild. This means you can leave at any time, and we can kick you for any reason, at any time. Don't apply just to get free loot, don't apply if you are not willing to show dedication and to be part of the team.
    4: As a progression guild TRS generally only accepts applicants of the highest level available, currently that would be level 80. Please do not apply unless you are at the current level cap and most of your gear is of that quality.
    5: While applicants have no right to loot if your curious about our DKP system you can find an explanation about it here.

All that said if you are interested in being part of TRS please post an application.

First register an account, use your character name.
Second include the following in your application:
    0: The subject line of your post should include your character name and class. (Please note that we don't need your level as you must be at the current level cap in order to apply)
    1: Any old guilds you were a member of and why you left them. Please include any raid alliance you were part of as well (Left Overs (and which strike team if any), Soul Bound, etc) (also if x-server the server you are coming from)
    2: Any previous MMORPGs you have played, and your level of experience in them.
    3: Why you want to join TRS.
    4: Give us an idea of your gear, including any resist or other alternative (DPS/Tanking/etc) sets you have. (Linking an Armory or CTProfile page, or just a statement like "Level 80 blues with some 80-heroic drops" is fine, if you want to list them all thats okay too.) Note: we can look up your current gear in the armory, let us know if you often wear an alternative (PvP) set.
    5: Anything else you feel would help us decide if TRS is right for you, and you are right for us. (like if you have a friend in the guild)
    6: Step back, take a deep breath, and re-read your application. Fix any mistakes and then preview. Read it again and make sure it looks right. We get a lot of applications and you may not get much of a second chance after a bad first impression.

You may notice the application never asks for your Talent Spec. TRS does not enforce talent specs, that said you will be expected to perform your role regardless of what your spec is.

TRS uses Ventrilo, you are not required to talk (and as such you don't need a mic), but you are required to listen.
The application period does not have a time limit on it, you are an applicant until the leadership decides to promote you or to remove you. This could be a few short weeks, or it could be a few months. The length of the application period will depend on your gear when you join, and what you show us your capable of while you are an applicant.

TRS raids Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 6:30pm-10:30 Server time (Pacific). We often will schedule non-progression raids on Monday night. (Please note with the current volume of content we do not run Saturday raids and the friday raid often ends early.)

As a final note, please do not contact us in game durring raid hours regarding an application. Make a post here and we will reply to it or contact you, if you want to talk in game or have some questions please post here and we will get back to you as we are able. Sending a TRS Class Lead or Officer a tell while we are raiding likely won't get your question answered as we are busy, but may be viewed as an irritant which can hurt your application.

Once again, thank you for your interest in joining TRS, and good luck.

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