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 Post subject: Novaspera, Shadow Priest
PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2008 6:55 am 

Joined: Sat Aug 09, 2008 6:38 am
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Race: Draenei
Class: Priest
1: Any old guilds you were a member of and why you left them. I am a transfer from Kirin Tor and Zodiac. I left them because the server unfortunately was running on Eastern time and I live in Pacific! They raided at 4pm and my job hours changed so that I couldn't make the start times. It was tough as we were at Illidan in progression and really close to downing him! Still, a new server is an adventure! :D

2: Any previous MMORPGs you have played, and your level of experience in them. Hmmmm. Guild Wars and Diablo (do I get to count that one?) Guild Wars - ran a few characters through all the way. Diablo - played from top to bottom including Hardcore! 8)

3: Why you want to join TRS. How not to sound cheezy....I have to say I have been on the server a couple of weeks monitoring all the guilds closely. The Rising Shadow seems to have skilled players, a good attitude and a team approach to playing that has been successful. More importantly it looks like you have fun! If you have room for a Priest please give me a shout or keep me in mind in the future! :)

4: Give us an idea of your gear, including any resist or other alternative (DPS/Tanking/etc) sets you have. (Linking an Armory or CTProfile page, or just a statement like "T4 with some SSC drops" is fine, if you want to list them all thats okay too.) Note: we can look up your current gear in the armory, let us know if you often wear an alternative (PvP) set.

Here I am - ... =Novaspera

My shadow gear has piece of T6 (you have to start somewhere!), a few T5 and a bunch of MH/BT gear.

I do have a healing set as well that runs about 1700 healing but I admit its mostly T4 with a few additions. I see that you don't limit people to one spec (which sounds even more fun). I was originally a healer in Zodiac but volunteered to go Shadow when the guild really needed one (in the middle of SSC/TK). I love doing both and would be happy to upgrade my gear and heal as well as kill things and regenerate mana! Whatever you need so long as you understand my healing gear isn't quite up to your level at this point. :?

5: Anything else you feel would help us decide if TRS is right for you, and you are right for us. (like if you have a friend in the guild)

Unfortunately, I don't know many people on the server yet. I have been mainly pugging heroics and lower level raids (the raids with my alt who is a resto druid just starting T3 gear). I love to raid and will do as little or as much as you need. I am a dedicated person who shows up prepared, repaired and on time to a raid. I listen carefully and take criticism well. I am always looking to improve myself! I take a team approach to raiding and give everything I've got! I have most mods and Ventrilo with a working microphone. Thanks for reading my application! :D

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