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 Post subject: Singsmelter - Paladin
PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:24 pm 
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Joined: Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:38 pm
Posts: 1
Race: Draenei
Class: Paladin
Alts: Kainsmelter
1: Any old guilds you were a member of and why you left them. Please include any raid alliance you were part of as well (Left Overs (and which strike team if any), Soul Bound, etc) (also if x-server the server you are coming from)

I have been on Silver Hand since the start, jumping around guilds a lot lately mainly because of how spread out my irl friends are on the server. But i've been in Hybrid Knight's (Disbanded about a year ago due to guild leader leaving) Three G's, Hedonism, Border Patrol, and now Ultima wich is what ive been in for a while, but it is'nt progressing very much and there are only 2-3 people online at a time.

2: Any previous MMORPGs you have played, and your level of experience in them.

... Yup. WoW is the first MMORPG i've played and the only one i like.

3: Why you want to join TRS.

I want a guild that has a large population and lots of mature people to talk to, i also want to start raiding because im... not quite getting tired of PvP, just because i havent done a lot of instances that i really should have done at some point. (I dont do a lot of raiding but i am looking forward to it)

4: Give us an idea of your gear, including any resist or other alternative (DPS/Tanking/etc) sets you have. (Linking an Armory or CTProfile page, or just a statement like "T4 with some SSC drops" is fine, if you want to list them all thats okay too.) Note: we can look up your current gear in the armory, let us know if you often wear an alternative (PvP) set.

I am a retribution paladin. My gear is mostly PvP, not yet full. I am constantly working for more PvP gear. I also do not have any other alternative sets, I've played all specs for my class while leveling and i do know how to use them. Also i am willing to respec at any given time to give my loyalty.

8499 Armor
463 Strength (627 Buffed)
627 Stamina
321 Resilence (352 with Libram)

>>>Armory Profile<<<

5: Anything else you feel would help us decide if TRS is right for you, and you are right for us. (like if you have a friend in the guild)

Dont know what i should say here... I think TRS is right for me because i am very easy to get along with, i can take criticism, i never whine or complain, and i take fault for my own mistakes.

The time that i can give

I am a student. But i play a lot on the weekends... almost 24/7, school days are from 4:30 to 11:30 Server Time.


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