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PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:10 am 

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1. I've been playing on this server since initial release 4 years ago. I was playing a hunter named "Bravatas". Maybe you saw him jacking up horde in Hillsbrad when the honor system first came out, because that's all I did back then. I ran with a couple guilds then. The first was "Shadows of Dracoth", mainly a RP guild. I then got turned to the dark side and joined "Silence". I soon left Silence.... do I really need to explain why I left Silence? I then joined Morgantis back when Bolitho and Garette ran with them. I raided MC with them a few times, and enjoyed my stay with them, though it was brief. For a few years after that, I bounced around to different realms playing both factions and all kinds of different classes. I just transferred my Death Knight from Lightnighoof back to Silverhand, because i realized the server is on the West Coast, and RP servers are just so much better. I've been running with "Late Night Raiders" with Sayuke as of late, but have grown tired of that group due to constantly getting benched for raids, and the general unfriendliness (and dullness) of the group. It wasn't a guild, but a group of people on a chat channel that raided together. Another reason I wasn't too favorable of the experience. I love the Guild Experience, and I'm missing that aspect of the game right now. Which is why I'm here, applying for "The Rising Shadow", a name that I've noticed has been around forever, and hopefully may be a good fit for me.

2. WoW is the only game I've really played for the last 4 years. I've prolly got over 200 days of played time on all my characters combined. It's the only MMO I've ever played.

3. I want to join The Rising Shadow for a couple reasons. The main one, I won't lie, is too experience end game content and to be a major contributing member of a core raid group. Another reason would be just to be able to embrace the Guild experience once again. Nothing constitutes for carrying a tag/tabard, getting to know people in guild chat and vent, and developing tight relationships with the folks you run with. Not just a bunch of selfish people hell bent on getting loot for themselves as fast as possible and using people like bots to obtain those selfish goals(do I sound bitter?lol). Another great reason I'm looking for a Guild would be the opportunity to participate and even create Guild RP events like meetings and fests etc. Something I have lots of experience in running and engaging in. I also enjoy helping people out in game. I saw a post in the forums, and the raid times look perfect for me, that's right when i get home from work, and I could easily make every raid. So those are a few of the reasons I'd like to join.

4. ... Hellthirst
I'm dps all the way till the day I die. I've only got 2 blues, the rest are epics(5 level 213 pieces), fully gem'ed with high end enchants. I have a little bit of tanking gear, but only get to +440 defense with it. I have 2 pieces of frost resist gear with full gems, and I can easily get the chest piece if need be. As far as dps goes, I know what I'm doing to the T. Last raid group I ran with, I was out dps'ing a Death Knight that had almost the exact same specc with way better armor and a Betrayer. Usually top 3 on dps, but I'll admit, the shadow/frost hybrid DK's give me a run for my money, even on single target dps. I want to try that specc out, someday.

5. I'm a pretty laid back guy, and just want to have fun. I like to have fun in vent, and in Guild chat. I like long walks on the basin, and collecting troll ears. I got the skills to pay the bills and the gear to back it up. I'm friendly and selfless, and am all for helping the Guild out first. If I'm not consistently getting benched for raids, then I'll be one of the most loyal, dedicated and creative members you could find.

6. One quick thing. The application information page says the raids start at 6:00pm, yet the realm forum post that sparked my interest in applying says the raid starts at 6:30pm. I get home from work a 6:30pm, so any info on the correct raid time would be much obliged. Other than that, thanks for reading my app., and hopefully I'll get the chance to show yall what I can do. Cheers!

PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 7:06 am 
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6:30 is the correct time.


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