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 Post subject: Crator - Shaman
PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 11:45 am 

Joined: Tue Nov 25, 2008 11:50 pm
Posts: 3
Race: Draenei
Class: Shaman
First off I am dual specced as Rest and Elemental. So i can honestly switch off between the two easily with no problem depending on which the raid needs in its current situation.

1: Any old guilds you were a member of and why you left them. Please include any raid alliance you were part of as well (Left Overs (and which strike team if any), Soul Bound, etc) (also if x-server the server you are coming from)
I have been in Commotion (fail guild) and they randomly booted me when I spoke to the guild leader about taking a few raid days off to study up for my midterms, and I told him at least a week in advance.
I am currently in Monkeys with Bunnies, this guild is doing fairly well but is not going to end well. They had a T8 shoulders drop and the guild leader just gave it to his friend and called loot council on it, i think thats total bullshit cause he just called it during the raid.

2: Any previous MMORPGs you have played, and your level of experience in them.
Well the only one i play is WOW but ive been here for 2 years and have been dedicating a lot of my time to it.

3: Why you want to join TRS.
I am looking for a real solid guild that i an rely on, I also have some good friends in your guild that will surely vouch for me that I am willing to put everything ive got to make things work out. End raiding content is something i love to do, wipes aren't an issue for me as i have surely spent thousands on repairs this past week on ulduar.

4: Give us an idea of your gear, including any resist or other alternative (DPS/Tanking/etc) sets you have. (Linking an Armory or CTProfile page, or just a statement like "Level 80 blues with some 80-heroic drops" is fine, if you want to list them all thats okay too.) Note: we can look up your current gear in the armory, let us know if you often wear an alternative (PvP) set.
Tudesday i will be getting the Furious pvp caster weapon, this is a nice upgrade for me and shall last quite a bit even through ulduars standards.
My resto set is 1 heroes, 4 valorous, and t8.5 gloves, the rest is random ulduar and nax25 epics.
My elemental set is just composed of nax 10 and 25 epics but i put out a solid 4k dps in raids.
I do pvp a lot and I surely do enjoy it, i actually play with Regnarmi currently. ... d&n=Crator

5: Anything else you feel would help us decide if TRS is right for you, and you are right for us. (like if you have a friend in the guild)
I am willing to give everything ive got to make a raid accomplish its goals, my im a solid player always looking for positive criticism to improve myself.
The people that would vouch for me in this guild are Rines we have played a lot together, Regnarmi and I do arenas, and Gautier has actually been in many groups with me (mostly pugs) but we both stood out significantly above the rest.

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